星期日, 1月 10, 2021

My 2020 Annual Review

I kept refreshing James Clear's annual review page, he has not published his 2020 review yet. However, I already done my 2020 review (in numbers) and already planned, and started my plans for 2021. So, I better not to drag this any longer.

This was from my 2019 looking forward section.

My tech thoughts, my "The Magical Adventures of A Single Life", the yet to complete 有關愛情的故事手帳, swimming, Japanese, French, Security Testing related, Open Stack, new drawing/writing journal 2020心情雜記, another 25 books, 信情故事, Inktober, online courses, more TED talk summary... I hope this is not too much for me.

Oh my! I only done half-way for OpenStack, completed 2020心情雜記, only 7 books, Inktober and 13 TED talk summary. The rest... dropped, failed. This is so demotivating... This is not something I wanted to start with myself review... But this is reality.

Anyway, let's go to my yearly summary in number first.

I did...

  • 61 Video clips, on YouTube and Facebook
  • 7 books
  • 8 movies
  • 8 dramas
  • 18 novels
  • 50 workouts
  • 358 blog post
  • 54 30" writing
  • 13 TED summary
  • 39 tech articles
  • 30 山海經提及的神仙介紹
  • 3 local trips
  • 1 oversea trip
  • 1 oil painting class
  • 5.5 courses
  • n webinars
  • 2 art journal books

Based on the highlighted accomplishment, I gave myself a 70% score for 2020.

Let's continue with the normal yearly review routine.

What went well?


Well, I don't put course here, as I'd like to put that in "What didn't go well" category. However, I did quite some random learning. Re-learn/pick up new technology terms, attended quite a number of webinars from RedHat/AWS/VMWare/... and many more. I don't remember. At one point, I stopped, as I think it's enough for my fish brain for the year. I also manage to register for a free Azure foundation course, and passed the exam.


I read 7 books. Not much. Due to the pandemic, I read the books from my bookshelves, both online and offline. I also read 18 novels, mostly online. The numbers didn't reach what I expected. When I did my review, and looked at the books in the storeroom, which currently is also my working/study/journaling/recording room, I got motivated to read those books, then give them away or sell them away. :D


I finally get to work from home! This save my time, A LOT! Last year, I sent out an email to request for feedback, I got quite a handful replies. The feedbacks are mostly motivating. I also had a mentor, who chit chat with me, and share me her experience. She also convinced me that, influencing skill is not something to be trained overnight, I'll just do my part, and eventually the result will come. This makes me feel less stressed. I also started to have regular 1:1 with my manager, and found out he is actually ready to help us, we just need to ask for it. End of last year, I am taking over the planner role in my team. I believe this is a recognition on my planning and time/priority management skills.


Yes, it's pandemic, this shouldn't be mentioned at all. But alas, I did make it to Krabi early of the year! I went to Penang and Perak before MCO in March. I also manage to brought my mum to Zoo Negara when MCO ended in July. 1 oversea trip, and 3 local trip.


I can't put blogging in this category, but I did a 2-month blogging, 1 month on technology terminology introduction, and 1 month on 山海經's god and goddess introduction.


I started to draw a lot! I was able to count how many drawings I did in 2019, but don't think I want to count it for 2020. I did one-month daily drawing and upload to YouTube, completed the Inktover, tried to sketch with pencil and charcoal, tried gouache colour. I am quite satisfied with the result. I also manage to attend an oil-painting class, right before the MCO!


I completed a book in size of A6, trying to write 散文/小語/poem. I also did 54 30" writings, which I aimed for only 52. This is as a result of my one-month on the daily writing challenge that I gave myself. The 52 was supposed to be a weekly expectation, and I manage to make up to the number by having a one-month challenge. :D

What didn't go so well this year?


I didn't do a single IDF class this year, wasted my one year subscription, and I quit. I also quite SimplyPiano at the end of the year. During this pandemic, I moved back to my parents' place, didn't have my piano with me. I lost the momentum, so I ended my subscription. Another one year subscription fee wasted.

My RHOSP course, I didn't manage to finish it within 3 months. I blamed the lab disruption at the end of last 2 weeks. Following my momentum, I should be able to complete on time... Later, they extended the lab only after 1 month dealing with a few departments in RH, which quite demotivating. Later, I got a free course from the institute, and could choose any course from RH. At the end of the day, it's actually just for me to have another 3 months virtual class on the same course.一場歡喜一場空。 As a result, I didn't have enough "push" to complete the RHOSP course. This course is to be continue in 2021.


I should blog more, since I am working from home. I calculated, I had 358 blog posts last year. It's not even 1 post a day. I started a new blog in end of 2019, and expected to write it weekly. I stopped after the 5th post. "The Magical Adventures of A Single Life" failed. :( I also didn't write much travel blog post, that I have piled up since 2009! I didn't even finish the writing for my Iceland trip.

Song writing

This was something that I'd like to focus on last year. Yes, blame on the pandemic again. I didn't have my favourite guitar with me, and the organ just out of order when I finally get my momentum want to work with my organ for this! Now that I have my Johnson and the keyboard with me now, I should work this out in 2021!


Though I took quite a number of photos, and did share in my photo-blog, but it's not up to my expectation. Like blogging, I should have done more. I watched a live stream from Canon end of last year, the topic was on photography project. This is something I should try, but no in my 2021 plan. Let's see how it goes in 2021.


I grouped these 2 together. At the beginning of MCO, I still do my regular workout. ~15 minutes in the morning. Based on my habit tracker, I just did a total of 50 workout through out the year! This number shows that I am not discipline enough! Gotta fix this in 2021. (I haven't started any workout this year....) I didn't did much meditation in 2020 as well. This is continue to be in my habit tracking list... I hope I can squeeze some time for these.

Languages learning

Last year, I set a target to learn 1000 Japanese words, and 1000 French words. I also wanted to write in Japanese and French, each set to 26 articles. This failed badly. I had a TN book on Japanese words. I think the list didn't go even up to 200 words.

What did I learn?

Letting go

I start to apply some minimalism concept in my life. Something that are cluttered in the room, or in my mind, I started to let it go. I have get rid of some stuffs from the past, and get some space in the store room for me to work. Later, the space is getting larger as time goes by. From a space for me to sit, with one laptop, now I can have both my personal and working laptop turned on, side by side. I also have my keyboard and recording equipments in the same store room. A designated table for journaling at the window side is also made available now. The store room never had the windows open at all, and now I have one window can be opened for a better air circulation in the room!

Be confident

At one point, when I had 1-1 with my manager, I lost my confident. He reminded me, why I failed to convince other on my solutions, though I thinkn my solutions are the best, is due to I am lack of confidence. If I am confident enough, I'll find way to win their support, and not just give up. He got a point. All this while, I blamed on my communication skills, and maybe my interpersonal skills. However, my mentor did encourage me. After I put myself together again, I know I should move on. In the past, I didn't get my audience to understand my background, and I set my own imaginations that they don't want to understand the idea. Now, I know I should think from the audience perspective, and communicate/present based on their perspective. This should be a 2-way communication, the way I did was just a 1-way channel. After realizing this, I gain my positive energy again.

On the other hand, I didn't have much confidence in my drawing as well. The one-month daily challenge to draw and post to YouTube channel, some how helped me to gain more confident. I managed to be confident enough to share some in my FB to my friends.

I also started j房之寶to introduce what's in my room. Did my narration in the video, as I envy how the YouTubers that I followed able to do. It's still quite awkward, but I think it's improving.

Be more realistic

I had too many plans. I strongly believe, if there's a will, there'll be ways. However, I think sometime I pushed myself too hard. I wanted to be excel at my work, learn as much as possible, read as much books as possible, draw everyday, write everyday, blog everyday, write a song every month, complete my novel writing, complete my travel blogs, learn new languages.... and the list goes on.

I stopped the IDF/SimplyPiano subscription, as I know they are no longer my priority. I also stopped the webinar registrations, when I realized I have something else that I wanted to work on, compare to keep myself to be up to date on the technology.

I get rid of quite a number of the books I got during my Uni time, such as circuits, electronics and more. I know I won't revisit them again. Never, ever.

I also realize, fancy artistic journaling to be incorporate in my daily life's journal or planner is not realistic. I am best with vertical weekly timelined spread, that's why I am getting one again for 2021.

What I am looking forward?

For this year, I allocated 15 minutes in the morning for Japanese. By end of the year, I should be able to understand YouTube clips in Japanese.

For social media posting, I am focusing on 聽JJ唱, J房之寶series, and song writing. Yes, social media became one of my focus now.

I planned to read 24 books this year.

As for course, I'll focus on completing RHOSP, then focus on Pentest related ccourse only.

My blogging target also set to a minimal number, which would mainly focus on my travel blog, and write about the books I read.

I also allocated 15 minutes at night for practicing Chinese character writing. My space sense in art needs a boost, and this should help. :D

With this plan, my time is actually fully (if not overly) booked. I have no idea how to squeeze some time for drawing and normal blogging, and also my photography project(s). Let's see how it goes. :)


I hope I got the Japanese words right. :D