Write down 20 words that describe water.
Now describe water without using any of those words.
No cheating.

上善若水。By Lao Tzu, the greatest virtue has the characteristic of water. It nurtures life but do not claim credits.

It could be in solid, liquid or gaseous state, surrounding us.

More than half of our body is composed by water.

Plain water is tasteless.

Sparkling water can help in digestion.

Coffee is refreshing.

I love tea the best.

The water takes the container's shape.

It can fill the emptiness within the sand.

The slow water dropping sound, can calms one's feeling.

H2O. The diameter of a water molecule is about 2.75 angstroms.

It is not a good conductor, but electricity shocks can easily happen.

Water is colourless, but when it works well with water colour for a painting.

It wash away the soap.

滴水穿石。The water drops could make a hole on a stone.

You'll miss water when you are in dessert.

You can't differentiate tear and water by eyes.

Water is clear when it's still, turbid when you stir it.

Sea water is salty.

Stalactites and stalagmites cannot be formed without water.