I was there!

Think of a scene in a film you loved.
Rewrite it.
Add one new character. You.

Ford v Ferrari

Which scene? I am not sure. I wish I was part of the drivers in the Le Mans race. Try to feel the speed of weightless, on the road.

Wow! It took me ~ 10 minutes to reach here. Let me run through the scenes on my mind.

The scene where Leo Beebe suggest to Henry Ford II to have all Ford cars to reach the finish line together. I stepped out and further suggest. "Sir, I think that is a brilliant idea. I think we should make it to have even better headline on tomorrow's newspaper! I suggest instead to have them cross the finish line in parallel, we should make it a V-shape, headed by Miles in front! You see, V for victory! And tomorrow's headline would be, Ford all-in V-ictory in Le Mans!"

Beebe yelled at me, "Who are you?! Why are you here?!"

"I am here to save you from making mistake, idiot!" I whispered in my heart.

Henry Ford II had a confused look, but he liked my tagline. He pointed at me, "You go and take care of this."

"Yes, sir!" I quickly ran to Shelby and told him about it.

He looked at me like I am a weirdo, but still make his talk to Miles.

Miles rejected. Shelby told him, "This is your race, I'll leave it to you."

The ending of that Le Mans race finally had Miles as the winner.

It was indeed a happy ending.