He is a stranger

Find a photograph of a stranger.
Find it online, in the newspaper, anywhere.
Animate that person.
Bring them to life.

Huh? Yeah. This is for today's assignment.

He looked cool. His lips closed tight, like he would never allow any word come out from his mouth. He briefly frown. He unconsciously used his right hand to adjust his glasses, and used the same hand to flip the book to another page. It seems like a three to four hundred page of book. Every now and then, he would pick up the cup of coffee and had a sip. Sometimes, a small grin would appear on his face. There must be some funny lines in the book. I continue to make wild guesses what could be the book content is about. Suddenly, he looked right into my eyes, with smile on his face. I got nervous, and turned away my sight. When I looked back, he is gone.

The end.

I don't know what to write, and how to describe... how to animate that person. But recently, I YouTube about 張雨劍 from【我只喜歡你】. :D