Food stock tracking day 3

Day 3, which is today. :D

Work from home this day, as I have some errands to do at home. I had instant cereal drink for breakfast. Should have prepared my overnight oats yesterday, but didn't expect to work from home today, so...

Then, a very superb lunch!

Pepper soup chicken.

And gyoza + king oyster mushroom baked with cheese!

Yes, you are right, no vege. Since kid, I hate vege. My mum forced me to eat vege. When I grow up, I force myself to eat vege. And people around me would sometimes thought I am a vegan. Com'on! Me? Vegan? hmm... who knows probably in the far future. :D

I had a milo drink and a pack of biscuit for dinner. Too lazy to get some fruits to eat. I'll make it up tomorrow. :D

I have finished my gyoza! No new stock of meat! I'm warned.