Food stock tracking day 1

Recently I am so obsessed to post things online, and started a few projects in IG, Weibo, and YouTube! However, I blog lesser and lesser. I mean, literally I don't do any real blogging recently. And I was thinking to start this food stock tracking in IG, so I need not worry about time spent to write something about it!

Anyway, I think I have enough of projects started on IG. I'll keep my food stock tracking here.

For some times, I have been work from home a lot, then I have food in my fridge from time to time, so I can keep myself in the house and not going out. Then, a discussion was held with our manager, about people starts to "complain" about us working from home. After that, I try to work in office more. At one point of time, I don't stock much food at home, and this forces me to keep working in office.

Recently, the haze hits badly on our Earth. My colleague even questioned me, why I work in office? BECAUSE I don't have anything at home to eat! So, I decided to buy some meat, so I could WFH. Ended up, I bought A LOT of meat! Happy-ing!

While I was doing my expenses tracking, I have the urge to do some journaling with this receipt. So, here comes the food stock tracking page in my journal!

Let's see what I bought, and how is the consumption for day 1!

Picture of my lunch.

I didn't capture my dinner. But the Gyoza is yummy!!!

That's all for day 1.