My class

You're in a classroom, there to learn something new.
Your instructor walks in.
This isn't right.
Are you in the wrong place?
Tell us what happens.

After the 31 days challenge, this should be continue as weekly activity again. I almost forgot and failed to plan in my weekly planner. Anyway, let's resume.

Coincidently, I dreamed went to a drawing class, ended up there was a stage orchestra performance in the class. I can "use" this dream setup for this writing prompt. :D

I was late for the class. Where I got to the classroom, there's an orchestra performing in front of the class. It is a temporary stage setup in front of the class.

I am sure I was in the right classroom, and it's not the first class. There's only one of my classmate continued to do painting, the rest were enjoying the performance. I went to my seat, and looked around.

After a while, the instructor came. The orchestra stopped playing and came down from the stage. I then only realized, there were a lot of brochures and leaflets on the table. It was a preparation for a play this weekend by this school. We are wanted to help out to draw and paint big poster for the event.

I was like, "huh?" I paid to learn painting... But alas, it's for charity. We were somehow unknowingly, willingly, forced to join in the charity event. :P

This took me a long day to construct the story. :|