After human migrated out of the Earth

Imagine the busiest city street.
What would it look like 100 years after the last human was there?
Describe it for us.

The scientists found a new planet which better suit "human's need" compared to the Earth. A lot of people migrated to the new planet.

In front of the KLCC, Jalan Ampang slowly got rid of the traffics and ... human activities. And then, no more people come to visit or take photo. KLCC is left empty. No more maintenance, and the whole KL city is abandoned. Abandoned by human.

Some other creatures started to take over the city. The city now looks more greenery compared to hundred years ago. There are even more bugs live in KL now. The dragonflies, and even the fireflies can be seen in the city.

There is no more dogs wearing T-shirt on the street. The dogs that loitering around seems to be evolved to be bigger in size and stronger. I can't find any poodle on the street.

The sky scrappers are now covered with greeneries too. The forest of steel (鋼骨森林?) is now indeed back to the real forest condition.

Birds chirp could be heard clearly. No more honks and the sound from the engines.

Everything is so natural, so back to nature.

Human found new life in new planet. And the Earth has found a new life too.