An alien arrives on Earth.
Magically, you are the only Earthling who understands their language.
You are called to translate their message to the world.
Write it out for us.

Hello Eartlings.

We are from Proxima Centauri. We come in peace.

We are here, because of the wave-pollutions that are caused by your activities.

Please do not keep on sending message to the universe and ask if there's anyone out there to reply.

Some of the nations did reply, and you do not understand, or did not even realize that it was a reply, or able to decode the waves as reply.

This recurring events have caused a very bad pollutions over the universe.

We are coming to inform you, there are lives out there. Some, like you, are curious about this world, and trying to get connected with others. Some, are still evolving, and they do not harm the universe, so we'll skip visiting them. Some, like us, have already cooperate and formed alliance to take care of this universe.

You are qualified to join us, when you are able to visit to Krypton, our headquarter.