Toilet paper story

Invent a person who is deeply passionate about something very ordinary. Say: Ants, keys, toilets, apples, grass. Bring their passion to live for us. Anne is a toilet paper lover. She collects a lot of toilet paper. There was once, she went to visit her friend in New Zealand. While they were doing some groceries shopping, she saw a coloured and with cartoon's picture toilet paper! "Oh my god! I must get this!" "Are you sure? You are going to bring back to Malaysia?" "Yes! Why not?!" That's one of the little stories of her and the toilet papers. She also used the toilet paper to make creative works, like paper rose, and some abstract art work. She also used toilet paper to do drawing and caligraphy! She even has a room to store and showcase the toilet papers, and the art work that she did with toilet papers. Some of the toilet papers she got them when she is abroad. Some, she bought online. Whenever she go to the supermarket, toilet paper is the one never missed section that she would visit. I can't really describe, how passionate she is with the toilet papers! 呃⋯⋯那去紐西蘭買廁紙的故事,是真的。那四卷廁紙還在呢!但,我沒有鍾情於廁紙啦~