Things that make me don't feel like talking

Write a conversation deeply out of place for its setting.
Two people laughing at a funeral.
Crying sad at a wedding.
Depressed at a baby shower.
Overjoyed at an exam.
Let them talk it out.

Well, I am not sure how shall I start this. Recently, I am into listening to a playlist consists of the Heart Sutra music by Japanese Zen Music. It's very calming. Last night I had it played for more than an hour, and there was no dog barks or cat meows. It's definitely an extraordinary night for me, and I managed to get my July journal spread done then. OK, I shall back to my story for today.

It was lunch time. I was having lunch with my mum. She always complained that I don't talk much to her. I am not like my sister, can repeat the stories at work place over and over again. But, I am not sure why, at that point of time, I just feel like talking to her.

This remind me of another "talking session" that I had with her couple of days back. I just want to have a heart-to-heart session.

I started by saying, I know that she loves me, though I have different expectation. And I...

So, before I manage to continue, she said, "I really feel like I should help you to cut your hair shorter."

I am like... "Huh?"

"Did you know what I was talking about?"

"Yes, I did. I thought you finished your lines."

I took a deep breathe, and said, "Okay."

Back to the conversation during lunch time.

"You know, I missed old days a lot. I recall the orange soda in glass bottle. Do you remember it?"

She was busy munching. "Yeah."

"I missed grandmother's place. I recall... wait! Besides the orange colour soda drink, I recall there was a dark colour one. Right?"

I was excited to keep digging deeper in my memory lane. I looked at her, while continue to have my next bite of food. "Hmm..." She was still busy munching.

"Wait! Wait! It was Sarsi! Right??!! Right??!!" I am getting more and more excited.

"Can you stop talking? It's meal time now. We don't talk during meal time."

"But, I could hardly find suitable time to talk with you... You said I seldom talk with you..." I felt hurt, a little bit.

"Yes, but now is meal time. We eat during meal time, not talking." She continued to eat.

"Oh... OK."

Hmm.. did I get the theme right? :D