The unnoticed special ones

Think of a person in second.
The second man on the moon.
The second runner in the race.
Tell us about them.
Tell us their story.

He was the second child of the family. He has a elder brother and younger sister. The family put high hopes on the big brother, and pour their best love to the small sister. Everything and everyone is just seemed right, except for him.

He didn't get the attention from the family, so he thought he could get it in school. He has a quite good result, but just someone would be better than him. In sports, he would be in the consideration as the alternate player list, but not the first choice to go into the field. He will always be neither the real player, or the actual audience in the field.

He started to develop his own observation skill. He could tell which one in the class is the eldest, and which is the youngest in the family, and which is the only child in the family. To his surprise, there are only very few like him, as middle child. He considered them, including him, the unnoticed special average ones.

Today, he is celebrating the born of one of the unnoticed special average ones' birthday. No one was with him. He was alone, but not lonely. As, he is the special one.