The "rock"

Somehow you travel to the deepest part of the ocean.
It is barren, they said.
Oh, but you discover that it's not.
It's not barren at all.
Tell us what you find.

It was dark down there. You could only see the rays of light from our vehicle light. It was so quiet but peaceful down there. We reached to the floor, and started to observe around.

There are a lot of rocks on the floor, not as sandy as we imagined. However, there is no sign of lives there.

Suddenly, something moved. I am sure something was moving! I tried to watch closely where the light could reach. Then, it moved again! One of the rocks is moving! Then, I saw more rocks move! They were actually moved so slow that you could neglect that movement!

"Look! That big rock is now 1 degree off from it's original position!" I yelled to my teammates.

We realized, they are moving by ... it's like snail. They were actually gliding along! Then, we start to see the traits of plant on the floor! It's algae-like plant. The rocks that we saw are living things! Down there, it's not barren at all!

We were so delighted and took a lot of photos and video. When we wanted to raise and tell the world what we found, we just realized there is another big "rock" stand on top of our vehicle. We could not move at all!