That football match!

Find a photograph of an event you did not attend.
Pick a stranger in the photo.
Describe the event from her/his/their perspective.

I recall few years back, my friend sent a photograph to me, which showing I was in a soccer field. Was it during World Cup period? That guy (or girl?) and I looked alike! Imagine the photo for this story. :)

It was the first half of the match. It rained a bit, the field was wet. However, everyone was so excited about the match. It's 0-1, between Czech Republic and Croatia. Croatia was leading. The Croatia supporters were so happy. When the second half started, the Croatia team act even faster and more energetic!

"Goooaaaaaaaaaaal!" Again! The Croatia team managed to get the 2nd goal! Everyone was overwhelm! Looks like Czech Republic has no chance in this match.

Czech Replublic's team manager quickly made a decision to replace with 2 substitutions. The strategy worked! One of the substitusions got the first goal for their team! The spirits of having hope to win again rose within the team. However, they still yet to get a second chance to make a goal again.

The team manager do the second substitution. The new substitution did not let them down! He managed to get a penalty kick opportunity, and made it at the last few minutes!

2-2! At the end of the match! It's a tie! Everyone was happy!

Done. There was a joke saying, why the adults in the field need to chase after a ball? Why don't give them each a ball so no one is hurt or tired. :D

I don't have the patience to watch football match. I think watch YouTube would be a lot more fun. :D

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