Sharing ikigai, or not.

Pick two versions of yourself.
Your public self v. your private self.
Or, your kind self v. your unkind self.
Your critical self v. your self-love self.
Write a conversation between them.
You v. you, sorting it out.

This is tough to write down. I normally have a lot of conversations within myself, consciously or unconsciously. I didn't differentiate which self were those.

Let jj as the public self of mine, and xz as the private self of mine.

jj : Let's talk about ikigai. I want to share this topic on YouTube or somewhere.
xz : But, I am not sure if I have identified my ikigai...
jj : Well, we have discussed this so many times already. jj : We are doing what we love, and probably good at (we'll keep improving), and we are paid! If it is not needed, we are not going to get paid.
xz : I know, but I can't relate what our job now with the world's need.
jj : You think too much. Or we rather thought the world's need are something like... saving-the-world-level great ambitious job.
xz : Yes, but...
jj : No but. There's no use to dwell deep inside if we "save" the world.
jj : We are doing something that the world need.
jj : Like a little screw, you don't see what it can do by looking at the screw itself.
xz : Yes, I know. But, how do we share this with others, while we can't clearly define ourselves at "doing something contributing to the world's need"?
jj : Alright, you got a point. Can't we just...
xz : Just say, we are paid, that's why there's someone need?
jj : Yeah... Errr... Why not?
xz : I just don't feel comfortable.
jj : Well, ok, we can just don't share this... but, this might be something the world's need?
xz : You got a point there. But, sharing this, we are not paid...
jj : (Sigh) So, what's now.
xz : Let's wait and see how it goes...