What is your best quality?
Describe it. In details.
Be generous, effusive.
Tell us all about it.
Brag like no one is reading.

My best quality.. hmm... preserverance(毅力)?

I have strong determination, however, it really depends on mood and my laziness level... Hey! I am supposed to talk about my best quality, not bad qualities... :D

With this quality, I managed to complete half-marathon few times, without proper training. I completed Inktober prompts for 3 years, and plan to continue this every year. I have done 12-month music writing in 2016, and 30-day 2020心情雜記 YouTube uploads.

Well, I am not able to think of any other achivement to support this. All other projects or works, seems like impacted by the laziness level and on halt, or slow progress. But I want to have this 20-minute writing to be sucess in this month. Just, I haven't fix a time in a day to do this. But it shall be in the morning. So, what I am starting today is just right. :)

I am also believe in life-long learning. This is related to this preserverance too. I am determined to continue to learn new things. This month, I have planned to continue the effort that I started last month, to take some courses on Dockers, Kubernetes and Jenkins. Next month, I'll focus on Microservices. These would help me better in devops field. I hope that it would help me to contribute to my organization, in whatever way, but not coding. Not only because I no longer want to become a developer, but I am totally not clicked with this dev team. However, this team also have high preserverance and determination, which can do nothing else except coding. OK, I exaggerate too much.

Alright, I spent more than 20 minutes on this, I shall stop here.