My partner, Frank

You are at the circus.
There's a noice, a bang.
The animals have all gotten loose.
Somehow, you end up the hero of this story.
Tell us.

I saw people running out. I am not sure what happened. A big noise is coming from front. I am sitting at the second last row on the right. That is the cheapest ticket I could afford. I missed Frank. I must see him today.

Suddenly, I heard a roar of rage.


As the people running out, I was trying to make my way to the front. Then, I saw there are a lot of animals on the circus stage! The roar was from Frank!

All the animals were out of control. They were running everywhere. None of the beast trainers could calm them down.

Frank was keep roaring and encourage the animals to continue the chaos. Yes, Frank, my wild big cat!

"Frank!" I yelled.

He roared in joy, and running towards me. This scared more people, and everyone tried to ran away to save their lives.

Frank pounced on me and licked my face.

"Oh, Frank! I am sorry. I missed you so much!" I hugged him in return.

Suddenly, all other animals started to calm down, and came surround us.

I was one of the circus beast trainers. Frank was my best partner. I was fired after I crippled due to an accident.

I am glad that we reunion again.