My dream room

You're in a room that is filled with things you've always wanted.
Tell us about the room and everything within it.

When I was a kid, I have always imagined there's a big cave behind my bedside. It contains all kinds of food that I love, and I could sneak to there to eat the food that I want. Since I have grown up, I wish this room would have a superb chef with all the food and ingredients ready. I could order the chef to cook whatever I want, and ate at a elegant marble dining table. I must mention this is a robotic chef, as I don't want to share this place with someone I don't know.

Near the windowsill, there's a corner for me to relax. All sort of books are nearby. I get to pick what I want to read, be a novel, a self-improvement, or technical books.

There's another windows, where I have this big height-adjustable table. I got all the stationeries that I love and want on the table, or in the storage boxes, or drawers. All my notebooks and journal books are well kept there.

On one of the wall, there's a big world map, where I put flags on the places I have visited.

Oh! I also want a wardrobe of Chinese traditional clothing. And all sorts of musical instruments.

I can't think of more now. Till then. :D