Miracle makes way

Rewrite an hour of your day.
But add an accident, magic, a storm, a strange encounter.
Or hey, add all of the above.

I was on my way back from office. The traffic was as bad as usual. The car behind me honked.

"Just fly over, if you can." I challenged him as he could hear this.

Suddenly, there's a siren started from behind.

"What?! An ambulance? How could it get through all these cars?!" I was worried. I looked at my rear mirror. Somehow, the cars behind were just seems like being squeezed and made way for the ambulance!

As the ambulance came nearby, my car still stuck and there's no way for me to move my car without bump to the next car. And the ambulance was approaching in great speed!

Out of sudden, I just felt .... "compressed"! Yes! That's the word that I could describe that feeling! And I just see the ambulance passed by, then things got back to normal, as nothing's happened.

Was I the only one saw it, and felt it? Did the driver behind also see the same thing?

I can't see the facial expression of the driver. However, he no longer honk. I guess he was shocked as me.

God bless the patient in the ambulance.

As expected, I reached home 2 hours later. :(