Listen to your soul

You are among three people who arrive at a hidden place.
A lake deep in the forest, or a castle deep in the mountains, or a lost island.
Soon enough, the group will uncover a hidden secret.

I wasn't sure if it's even real. After reading the book, "Norwegian Wood" (to be frank, I never read it), we started to plan our trip to Norway. The same-titled song by Wu Bai sang that, there's a clear-water lake, the atmostphere are so peaceful, and the secrets hidden under the white moonlit... We longed to be there to feel it on our own.

(I am stuck... I went to Google Maps to check out Norway's lakes. Then continued to Google on travel tips in Norway... :D)

We flied to Tromsø, rented a car, and drove to Extra Breivika to buy groceries. Then, we checked in to Tromsø Lodge & Camping.

We were too tired, and cooked ourselves some instant noodle, then went to bed.

The next day, finally we are energized. We walked along Tromsdalselva river. We walked for several hours, I am not sure how long it was. Then, we saw a small hut in the woods. We walked close to the hut, and saw there a a lot of ice-crystal-like stone there.

"Choose your ice stone, you'll hear your soul." There's a note there.

"I'll take this one!" I quickly picked up the one that reasonates with me. It seemed like belonged to me and left there for a long time.

I pulled out my hand glove, and put it on my hand carefully, as I wanted to warm it up. Suddenly, I felt I was in my own world. Time froze. The ice stone slowly melt on my hand. I felt some warmth fell down from my face, then hit on the ice stone.

After some times, and it felt like ages, we were back to where we were. My friends and I just burst into tears of happiness, and slowly walked back to the lodge.

We never discuss what happened then. We never see the hut again, even though we took the same path down the river the next day.