Rewrite an hour of your day.
But add an accident, magic, a storm, a strange encounter.
Or hey, add all of the above.

I was supposed to wake up at 5, but I didin't. It was a scheduled down time that I promised with client to fix the web application issue and restart.

I didn't know why. The alarm from my handphone, and the linked wrist band that would buzz me to wake me up didn't work. I was kept in dreams as there's no interruption at all.

The dream was so real, that I thought I was living in real life. I have a family of my own, with 2 kids. My husband and I brought our kids to the zoo. We were at the aquarium. My kids love the whale shark so much, that they didn't want to leave aquarium. They are chasing after the fish, from one end to the other end, and from the other end back to here. I was amused by their behaviour.

I remember... I did that too, as a kid, with my sister. I wonder if my mum was amused by us.

Suddenly, I heard phone ring. I jumped out from bed, and realized it's already 6:00 am! I was called by the Support team!

Gosh! There are 10 missed calls record on my phone! What happened! What would happened to my year end bonus?!