It's Psyduck!

You dig a hole at the beach and uncover a hatch.
Of course you open it.
Of course you do!
What do you find?

I was chasing a baby crab. It run into a hole, and then disappear. I saw there was a big shell near by, so I used it to dig the hole to be bigger. I wanted to talk to that crab.

The sea level slowly falling. I am not sure if I used the right word, but... the sea water is flowing further and further away from us.

I continue to dig, but I didn't see the crab that I met. Instead, I saw some eggs. "Would it be the eggs of crab?" I silently asked myself. "No, that can't be." My guts told me, it isn't the crab egg. But, what could it be?

I took the eggs out, and suddenly one of the eggs start to crack in my hands!

A Psyduck came out!

"Oh my god... oh my god... Oh! My! God!"

It was so cute. Before I could start to think what to do with it, my brother came.

"Look, go-go. I found a Psyduck!"

"Let it go!" My brother yelled. "Daddy is not going to let you have it!"

"But.. go-go, I want it! I want it! The crab bring it to me! No, the crab bring me to it!" I started to talk non-sense, and burst into tears.

"Be good, mei-mei. Just let it go. His mother would miss him, if you take it away."

"But, why mummy never miss me when she is away?" I knew my brother won't able to answer me. So, I put down Psyduck and other eggs, and ran.