I am a mother now, but you are yet to be a father

It's not you, it's me.
Have this conversation.
About work, love, friendship.
The art of letting a person down easy.
Because it is an art.
Talk it out.

It's hard to believe that, this has come to an end.
You have been working day and night to earn money to support our family.
Even weekend, you don't have time for kids to spend some quality moments.
You need to prepare for work.
You are either somewhere out there, or in the study room, but not anywhere else in the house.
Yes, you are busy with anything and anyone else, but not me and the kids.
I threw tantrum at you or kids, it didn't change anything.
Yes, it's not you, but me, who changed after give birth to the twins.
I become more and more sensitive.
I tried to ignore the fragrance on your shirt from other woman.
I tried to ignore the fact, you were not working, but flirting with other woman.
You were tensed with my behaviour.
You were tensed with raising up two kids at the same time.
You just forgot you loved me...
And it's me who made you becoming a non-loving husband, non-loving father.
Well, glad that you finally say it out, let's get divorced.
No, no, don't worry.
It's not you, it's me, who changed.
I am a mother now, but you are yet to be a father.