I am already 40-year old, so what?!

Think of a conversation that you regretted. Perhaps you were unkind, or perhaps you missed the perfect zinger comeback. Rewrite it as you wish it happened. Then let it go. I have stuck in couple of hours with this. I can't recall any conversation... Let me flip through my dream log, if I can find any cue to write. hmm.... I dreamed about a younger fella interested in me, and I told him I am already over 40 years old. :D S: Hey, would you like to go for a tea with me? J: Yeah, why not? S: Let's go now. We went to The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, ordered our drink and sat down at one of the corner. S: I share the same intereset with you. I love to journal too. Probably we could do journaling together, or share our journals with each other? J: Hmm... don't you think that's too personal? S: That could be a good way for us to know each other better. I saw you shared some journal photos in your IG. J: True... (If you have any plan for a romantic relationship with me... I am already 40 years old.) J: Let's do this regularly. (I put on a smile) S: That's great! Dream finished. :D