He was my manager

Think of a leader in your life.
Someone you admire, or perhaps not.
Tell us about them.
Every detail you can conjure.

conjure = 想像

為什麼要用think of咧?用imagine,不久可以conjure嘍。這個字,是這樣用的嗎?

He was my manager. Technically not so strong, but he is still my manager. As a middle level manager of engineers, if you are not technically well-versed, it's hard to gain your subordinates trust, especially you are newly appointed middle level manager. You have no experience to lead a team, and you don't know what your team is doing.

However, he entrusted me on technical decisions, and give me enough space and opportunity to perform my job. He changed my bias towards the normal or average manager. Other team might feel sorry for us to report to him, but I feel grateful.

I think the way he handled in his journey of becoming a middle level manager is far better than expected. He did not try to prove that he has the great technical knowledge to lead the team. He also did not afraid to promote or give exposure for his subordinates that did well. He gave us enough room to grow.

Anyway, the way he handled the team, was also a miracle. It started with no one blessing, and most of us wanted to switch team. He was hired from another company, so none of us (not the management, obviously) trusted him if he has the capability to manage us.

I am maybe luckier. According to my peer, after I left the company, he treated me nicer than anyone else. Well, probably because I don't care much, and was given enough "space" for me to work on my role, and... did I give him some hard time? I am not sure. If I did, then I am grateful that he did not put it on heart, and was willing to accept me as his subordinate.

I wish him for his best.