He came from Bermuda Triangle

Think of a teacher you had, or have.
Write about them.
Give them a secret.
Perhaps a superpower, a crime that they got away with, a love they cannot share.


He was my Science teacher, when I was in secondary school. He opened up my world, and told me a lot about different places in this world. He told me about the Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil's Triangle.

He said, the compass variations and extreme weather are the two best "natural disguises" that keep people away from it.

"Did you ever go there?" I couldn't help myself one day, and ask this. He could describe every details of the place. Like what kind of animal you could find there. What kind of weather you might encounter there, and what could you do. What is there deep down the sea. How the megalodons could survive there...

He looked at me and hesitated a while. "I came from there. It is my home town. I just can never go back there..."

He looked out from the windows, as he could see through the skies and reached to his home town.

I am not sure if he lied, or I dreamed this scene. But he never talk about Bermuda Triangle anymore, as he never told me any of the details that happened there.

He left the school year end, and no one ever see him again.