Get prepared for my wedding

You wake up one morning in the wrong place.
The wrong home, or city, or country, or planet.
You need to get home.
What happens next?

It's my wedding today. But I am not sure where I am now. I woke up in this old-fashioned wooden house at no where.

Outside of the house, there's only a small path leading to the woods.

"What happened? Is this just a dream? I am late for a make up and hair do for my wedding!" I muttered myself.

Oh wait?! Is this the kind of lucid dream that they talked about?!

Alright, let's see what kind of adventure that I will meet here.

I saw there're some bread on the dining table, and a cup of hot coffee. That's what I need for breakfast! I grabbed the bread with my left hand, and the coffee with my right hand, and here we go, to the adventurous journey!

I took bite by bite the bread slowly, and sipped the coffee in between, while walking on the path. I can feel the morning summer breeze, warm and welcoming. There were some rabbits running on the path, making their way to the woods too.

Is this some kind of "Alice in Wonderland?" I followed them. I was fascinated with the trees and flowers in the wood! There are a lot of little white flowers. It's feels like the galaxy in the greens. Look at the big champagne roses there!

"JJ! JJ! Wake up!" I heard some voices. It's coming from everywhere.

"Wake up! You are going to be late for your wedding!"

What? I rubbed my eyes and found out I am still at bed. My sister pulled away my blanket and tried to wake me up. Alas! I haven't picked up that beautiful roses for my wedding!