Food maniac

Today is your reunion.
Family? School? You and a former flame.
It unfolds *exactly* as you dreamed it would be.
Write the scene for us.

Well, at this point of my life, I am not keen with reunion. Reunion could mean remembering the happy moments, it's also could mean remembering the not-so-happy or sad moments. But alas, I am not able to reject Anthony's invitation to meet our old friends.

Before I thought I would drown with the previous precious moment, I just realized that everyone was bringing their spouse and kids. Alright, it seems I am the only one who still single. And yes, that's the other reason why I didn't want to attend for the reunion.

Everyone was talking about their family life, how are their kids doing. Somehow, I feel relieved that no one "noticed" me. We were just said "hi", then they continued with their topic. I tried to keep low profile, and stayed near the food counter, where I could eat as much as I like.

The food was so tasty. I just suddenly lost focus on their talking and fed my taste buds with all sort of food like a food maniac. There were steamed scallops with hot and sour sauce, butter crab, prawns, spring rolls, cakes, fried chicken, all kinds of meat balls, desserts, and I can't remember what else did I eat. I had been not enjoying a big group of gathering for very very long time!

At the end of the day, our class lead got everyone gathered and proposed the last toast of the day. Everyone went home happily, especially me, I think. :)