My windowsill

Build us your perfect nook.
The most cozy, comfortable, soothing, lovely space built just for you.
Describe every details of this wonderful nook.

Nook means 角落.

I always wanted a big windowsill corner. Where the windows is big enough with lace and white thin cloth curtains. The sunlight, bird chirps, cool breeze make the best windows side. Looking out to the windows are high rise trees.

There's soft cushion that I can sit near by the window. Some of my favourite books are on the table, with my journal, pens, colours, and a cup of hot tea. Some background music is playing. No one could go and disturb that little peaceful corner. There are some tropical plants beside the windowsill. The air is so refreshing.

At night, the view could be the concrete jungle, where there are a lot of high rised building, with lights. The same corner that I am enjoying journaling or reading, just the view changed. Sunlight are replaced by moon light. Bird chirps become some traffic sound from the road, which is 10 or 20 storey away from where I am.

I can't decide if I want my windows view to be a real jungle, or the concrete jungle view... :D