A regretted life event

Think of a key moment in your life.
A celebration, a scene, an event, a pivotal memory.
Describe for us, in great detail, where it all unfolded.

It was my sophomore. Finally, it's time to go for the physical test and interview to join the reserved navy. I remember another friend and I went for it. She probably didn't go, or failed the physical test, I can't recall. She was not with me during the senior briefing. At the end, she joined the reserved army.

I remember there was a 10 km run. I manage to complete it within the required time. There was around 5 female candidates successfully made it. I was one of them.

Later, there was a female senior came over and talked to us. She congratulated us, and said there will be only one of us will be selected. It opportunity is so precious, that she hoped only the one that is determined to join the navy to proceed for the following interview.

I hesitated after heard her advice. I know I am determined to join the navy, but I can't be sure if I would be committed for the course of 3 years. It is a tough decision for me then.

I was active in a lot of other activities as well. Signing up for this, indicates that I could never tried any other activities like I was doing then. I could think of what would be the future like. I want to be independent and be discipline, in the mean time, it was the first time I am far away from home, and I got the freedom to do whatever I want. I was in dilemma.

Finally, I decided to walk away. I did not wait until the interview session, which was scheduled 2 hours later.

I regretted it, by the way.