I am Ursula

Pick a minor character from film or fiction.
Tell us about them.
Invent their wider story.

I missed one week for this writing practice. My bad. I normally do this in Tuesday morning. Now, it is almost bed time. Let me try to complete this within 20 minutes.

I am Ursula, the witch in the Mermaid story. Like Ariel, I fell in love with the Prince Eric. I wasn't there in time to save Eric. I saw Ariel saved Eric. I saw Eric gained conscious, looked into her eyes and held her hand tightly. I was heart broken, and went back home.

One day, Ariel came to me. She asked if I could help her to transform her into human. She said she fell in love with a prince. She wanted to become a human, so she could marry him.

"Does he know you?" I asked.

"No. But I saved him. If only I am human, I could visit him without scaring him away. I know we'll fall in love. I saw the love in his eyes!" She claimed. "Please! I know you could help me to make my wish come true!"

I hesitated. I didn't want to help her. I love Eric. How could I helped her? Yes! I got an idea.

"I can help you, but you must give me something in return."

"Yes, I would give you anything, please make me a human."

"Well, as you wish. I want your voice. I can turn you into human, but you'll be losing your voice!"

"But... alright! Deal!"

Finally, I got her voice. I know she is with Eric now. I turned myself into the princess that Eric thought who has saved him. They didn't know what I have gone through. Giving up my power to my successor, and drank the potion that make me felt like strike by lightening hundreds if not thousands times. What worse is, I need to go through this suffers consciously.

Finally, we are getting married. I saw Ariel's crying eyes. I am glad that Eric chose to marry me. On the wedding night, while I was sleeping beside Eric, Ariel came in to our room with a dagger. She stabbed the dagger right into my heart. I opened my eyes, and saw it happening so fast, that I couldn't react. I recognise the dagger. It belonged to me.

I saw there was foam appear from no where, and the sea water flooded to our room. I was floating in the air, watching Ariel jumped back to the sea, and my princess body... She finally gained back her body. The Prince and the Princess live happily ever after, and it's never be me.

Alright! 20 minutes! Reinvent/recreate from the recent Mermaid story that I have on mind recently. Done!