Imagine a chance encounter.
Perhaps between long-lost friends,
former lovers, estrange family,
mortal enemies.

Avoid anger.
Strived for the unexpected.
Surprise your reader.

As usual, she was sitting at the table, furthest from the entrance, beside the glass windows, sipping coffee, and watching the pedestrians.

He walked in, looking at the menu board at the bar counter, and found his favourite hazelnut chocolate drink is still available. It's been 5 years he left the town. He wasn't sure if things changed. He walked towards the order counter, and turned to see if the table that he used to sit is still available. To his surprise, she was sitting there. He hesitated for a while, and continued to make his way to the counter.

"Hazelnut chocolate, please." He ordered.

He wasn't sure, if it's her, who actually sitting there. It's been years, they have not seen each other. He wasn't sure if he is ready to talk to her again. Maybe, he could start with apology?

Coincidently, she looked at the menu again, thought of probably getting a cake or dessert or something. She saw him. She would like to pretend that he was not there. But she knew, she'll never like to pretend. She drank the dark bitter coffee as if it was plain water, wanted to finish the coffee as fast as she could.

He took a deep breathe, walked towards her, with the hazelnut chocolate in his right hand.

"Hi.. may I?" He gently asked her, if he could sit in front of her.

She take the last sip of the coffee, smiled back, took her hand bag and stood up. "Sure, you can have that seat." She smiled, walked away, and never turned back.