I didn't blown up

Ops, you locked yourself out.
The BIG problem is, you are... what?!
Drunk? Naked? Sleepwalking?

Some real comedies ensues,
and you are the star of the show.

Another "huh?" from me...

During this MCO period, how to lock myself out wor? :|

OK, I'll try anyway.

I wasn't drunk, naked or sleepwalking. I drove from hometown to my place, after more than a month of MCO. As I reached home, getting my excitement to tone down to get into my house, I found out that I left my key at my parents' place. I could feel my temper start to roar. I missed my bed, my stationeries, my everything here so badly. I bet the plant at my kitchen is dead. It was so beautifully grown. Now, with the stocks and stuffs in my car, that I brought from my home town, I need to drove them back for another hour, get my keys, and come back again for another hour, before I could enter my house!

I don't know if I would go speeding. One thing for sure is, I won't want to get any tickets on this. I better calm myself down first, before I make my move. What I can I do? Oh! I have not taken any fast food for more than a month. Probably I should just drive to the McDonalds nearby, and get something to eat first. Oh yeah! The frozen Coke. Probably that drink can make me calm down a lot!

So, I just drove to McDonald, and did a drive through. I can't leave my stuffs in the car, unattended...

OK, I didn't make it to the star of the show. But I managed to calm myself down, before blown up.