Conversation with my dog

You inject someone you know with a truth serum.
You get to ask 10 questions.

Plot twist:
Their respondences are much kinder than you expect them to be.


I have a dog. His name is Dollar. No. It's actually not my dog. It's my brother's dog. It always bark at me when I go near. I am not sure why. When my brother is around, it would quietly wag his tail and walk around him. Now I have the truth serum. I want to know why Dollar behaves that way.

I mixed the serum with his food, and feed him. He barked at me at first, then slowly into the mode of enjoying his food.

Now, Dollar has finished his meal, sitting there, gazing at me.

Good. Now, tell me, do you like me?

Woof~~ Dollar gently .. woofing.

Hmm... looks like you actually like me. Why you bark at me?

Woof woof~ Dollar seems anxious at my question.

Are you explaining why you bark at me?

Woof woof~~ Dollar nodded.

Why? Why you would want to bark at me?

Woof woof woof woof~~~ Dollar came near me, and gave me his right paw. I reluctantly reached out to it. Dollar blinked his eyes and looked at me.

You like my brother?

Woof~ A very firm answer from him.

You... like him more?

A long silence between both of us.

Would you like me more if I hold you like this?

Dollar hesitated a bit, and answered with a soft woof.

What about this? I reached out to his head, and pet his head.

Woof~ Hmm... this round, he seems didn't take any hesitation to answer.

I like you, just... I am not used to with others...

Woof~ woof~ Dollar answered as he understood me.

I'll try to pet you, if you like this... I continued to pet his head.

Woof~~ woof~~ He continued to gently answer me, wagging his tail.

This is the first time, I touch him, literally. For the first time, Dollar didn't bark. Suddenly, I guess I understand why Dollar barked at me.