You wake up one morning twenty years younger (or older) than you are today. What happens next?

Twenty years apart, so I would be in my twenties, or in my sixties, year 2000 or year 2040. I'll choose twenty years younger in my writing today.

In 2000, I am at my third year university life. It was the 5th day of Chinese New Year. I am guessing, I am still at my home town celebrating CNY.

I can sensed the anger from my mum, yelling me to get up from bed. Wait?! My mum? Where am I? Looking at the familiar room setup, I am confused. I thought I went back to my house which is about 70 km away, did I just dream?

I got up and went to the toilet. On my way, I saw she was preparing breakfast. Nothing seems weird.

When I sat at the dining table, I heard she said. "J, later we are going to visit Uncle Han. Get yourself ready!"

Uncle Han? I thought he was gone!

While I was eating, I realised something not right. My wristband is not there. My skin is fairer. My finger nails are short. My mum's hair is black. My sister is at home! I saw my dad was reading newspaper at living room. I ran to my dad, and trying to identify today's date. Gosh! It's 9th February 2000!

A restless stream of thoughts running through my mind. Why? Why 2000? Why not 1998, where I still get a chance to enrol in the army reserved?! Am I need to go through 20 years of living, again?! Can I change my history? Would there be any butterfly effects? What can I do? What I can't do?

As my mind wander away, I heard some familiar ring tone, then it says, "It's 6:30 am..." I felt my wristband vibrating as well. Wait! I haven't figured out what to do in 2000 yet!

There goes my another day in 2000, and Chinese New Year of this year was ended yesterday.