They stand at the edge of a pool, or a dock.
They really want to jump in, but they're afraid.
Can you convince them?

Don't worry about format.
Use quotation marks, or don't.
Use he/she/they said, or don't.
This is your story.

Alright, when I finally got time to do this, I got a tough one. *deep breathe*

Go ahead! I am sure you can make it!

(As if I am convinced that she really can make it...)

This is a baby step for you to become a diving athlete in the future!

Come on! Take a deep breathe! Relax your body.

Close your eyes. Imagine you are at the arena. Cameras on you, everyone's eyes on you.

You just need to take a step further, and jump!

What? You think your outfit is not nice?


(So, you thought the show start?)

Oh come on, baby. No one cares.

What? You are afraid of cold water? You just recovered from flu?

(What a lame excuse...)

Come on, you are strong, and you can handle this!

(I am losing my voice shouting all these... Please, make this fast...)

If you don't do it, you will never become the person you want to be!

(Or just become the person I want you to be... *grin*)

Alright, that's it. Let's just go for some ice-creams. We could do some Maths questions later.

No, no, no, no... You are not jumping.

We are going to pack up and leave.

You want to give it a try? No, I guess we shouldn't. The water is cold. You are not wearing the right outfit.

Yes, you'll catch a cold again.

Yeah, the outfit is ugly.

Let's just forget about the diving athlete.

Well, honey, you could be an engineer!

Wait! No! Come back!

*gasp* (Finally...)

Come here, baby. You did a good job!

Mummy so proud of you!

(I guess diving athlete could be an engineer too. *grin*)