Is this a coincidence, or... I just picked the wrong day to do my "daily writing"?

Write down 20 words that describe love.

Now describe love without using any of those words.

No cheating.

Love is hate, when you love someone, you hate that someone behaves in your dislike ways. Love is not love, when you want to be with someone all the time. Love is set someone free. Love is letting go. Love is care about yourself, then someone else. Some said love is tangible, and you can show love by hugging and kissing. Some loves said more than done, some otherwise. Some loves for flirting, some loves for life. Some loves have expiry date, some loves fade never. Some loves were there for gossips, other loves are secrets. Some loves are left behind, some loves are forbidden. Some said, love will keep us alive.

Love is spending time with you. Love is listen to you, and acknowledge your feeling. Love can calm us down. Love is bittersweet, and love is blind. Love will not hold you back, but back you up. Love bonds us together, make us tolerate each other, and not simply giving in. Love helps us to become empathy and be there when in need. Love is be understanding by just a look into eyes. Love gives you hope and strength. Love is everywhere, and all around us. Love is priceless. Love is not measurable. And the greatest thing you'll ever learn is to love and be loved in return.

Phew, I definitely used more than 20 minutes to think how to describe love in 40 words! It is so difficult. And I am not sure if this is the love that I know, or the love that I heard about. Anyway, I'll see if I could make it a second writing this week to cover for last week's missed write up.