I woke up 200 years later

You go to sleep early on January 1, 2020. When you wake up, it is January 1, 2220. What's changed?

I woke up in the morning. First thing of my morning routine is to write down my dream. I could barely remember a thing from my dream. Did I dream? Or I just can't remember. It is weird to feel extremely cold and dark. I tried to move my body, and found out I can't even move my finger!

"Wait! What?" I was unable to move my lips too. I just had my eyes widely open, trying to look around. The "ceiling" is like 5 centimeters from my face. How could this be? I feel like I am in a… coffin?!

I could hear some beeps sound. Then, some soft light shone suddenly.

"She's back to life!" I heard someone yelled.

"Bring her to the emergency room! We are going to defrost her!"

I heard steps running here and there. I felt dizzy like lying on a small boat in a stormy sea. Then, I lost my senses again… or did I fall asleep again?

The alarm rang. I got up from bed, and walked to my table to start my morning routine. I could barely remember my dream. Did I dream? I tried to recall hard for the next 5 minutes. Again, I put a dash in my dream journal. I knew I dreamed something, but I just couldn't remember.