My Q1 2019 progress

I never have the courage to share my plans, my resolutions online. I would just share how's my completion each year. I am not sure if it's because of lack of self-confidence, afraid of showing the repetitive resolutions which never get done? Or it could be I haven't found the "right path" or "right way" to organise myself that worths to share. I read and watched a lot of bujo/planning shared online, and I wish I could be part of them.

Self-discipline is always one of my top priorities, and I could hardly maintain. Like the 每日一畫 project that I started... early this year? I manage to draw 28 drawings in January, 27 in February, and only 21 in March. I could give myself excuse that I was planning for a trip, and started my journey on 29th March, which I have no time for it. blek. I also prepared a "habit tracker" for daily habits that I'd like to build, 9 of them, and I had the best tracking record in January, and gradually slow down from month to month. Alright, but I am still not ready to show this tracker, yet.

What I'd like to share for my Q1 progress is the items I planned for each month, and how is my completion. I actually never organise my plan like this before. I always had a list, and just ticked off upon completion, then calculate the completion percentage of the list each year, as my resolution achievement. The list is quite exhaustive, and never take into consideration of time and effort required to complete.

I started with this break down list from my 2019 planned activities for January.

Black colour denotes that I never started to work on it at all. Blue means, I started it, and it's in progress. Pink means, I completed that item. :) This list is still quite general, but at least based on my assumption, it should be achievable. However, I was wrong. I thought I could complete a book a month, from my planned 12 books this year. Alas, it's too hard. But I do had a book completed in January, just it's not from my 12-book list. Not to mention that I completed 4 novels in January. :D

In February, the monthly planner is not shown here, as it includes my "too personal" records. But I started to fill in to the monthly planner which day to do which part of which item. Especially the online course planning, which chapter and which module to complete on which day, it definitely helps me to complete the planned items. I am proud that I completed my first online course and ranking #1 in Malaysia! Oh, I also completed 2 piano lessons.

Anyway, due to I always underestimate how I can squeeze out some time to do readings, so 《The Phoenix Project》 and 《一》never got started. I spent some time during CNY break to do write up for my Iceland trip, and it never got done, not to mention to start to write about my trip in Denmark. :| I did try to record a song, just the result doesn't reach my acceptable level.

My plan was having whatever planned in the previous month that is not completed, to be continued in the following month. However, I found out that my list would be too long, and I will have a never ending list as month passed by. So, I stopped to put all unfinished items from February to my March list.

I think, even though my habit tracking doesn't seems to have a better trend, but my action item planning definitely looks a lot better in March! This round, I started 2 courses at the same time.

Like I mentioned the excuse that I had for end of March, I was on a vacation, so, I just briefly planned for April, and went to stay overnight at my friend's place after I got back on 8th. I didn't have much "self-planning" and "self-reflecting" time to wrap up my March yet. Yes, I do month end review and planning for the following month, but yet for this March-April. I might just do a relative simpler review and planning for this round, as I am having another trip in less than 2-week time. Planning was briefly done before I went to my friend's place.

I have this feeling, I mean, a stronger feeling that, my soul is working hard to catch up with my... body? I might have just gone too far and left my soul behind.

OK, I think I am too tired to write this properly. :D Shall I just work from home tomorrow, to allow my soul continue to catch up a bit?