Inktober 2018 #8

This is today's theme.


I just feel my star won't shine, or it just shines insignificantly. >v<

I tried to apply masking mask fluid which I bought few months back... (or last year?) It just won't work. My guess is, this paper actually doesn't work well with it, or it just got dried too fast... or I just don't have the right tool to apply it. Anyway, when the base colour dried, I tried with white colour. It didn't work out. I tried liquid paper (correction pens), they are too old and dried out dy. It didn't work either. Then, I applied the silver colour poster colour that I bought... early last year? for calligraphy writing. Gosh! I bought a lot of stuffs and kept in my store! The shooting star trail just doesn't appealing. Then I add a few lines with my yellow colour liner. :D

A close-up.

Can you see my star? I wonder what's the little man in the picture hurrah for... :P

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