My 2015 Annual Review

Guess what's driving me to write this? James Clear's "My 2015 Annual Review".

I just did my financial "review" and "planning" last night. As usual, I didn't over spend due to didn't make much trip in the second half of the year. :D

What went well this year?

Readings I read a lot compared to last years. Those that I blogged about, and also a lot more that I didn't blog about. Notable ones are novel from 桐華, 辛夷塢, and 顧漫; some novels about 人、神、鬼、妖 which made me study more about them; articles about the long old China history, especially 太古歷史; articles about Chinese medicine and 養生道; I also took a course halfway as introduction to Chinese classic literature study, which I wanted to study about 易經, I completed that chapter anyway.

Job I moved on to a new job, which I enjoy a lot. I don't need to worry about work, after working hour; and also need not to face the tiring human factors. And I gain more off days!

Trips I finally landed on Japan. I have done with the photo book and photo prints for this trip. If it wasn't for the job change and a friend of mine is on business trip in Japan, I wouldn't have made it. Things change for a reason, for better or worse. Oh yeah! I had a wonderful trip to Singapore with my sibling! I also visited Myanmar with ET!

Diet I have stopped eating spicy food for almost a month now. My body is kinda back to a better condition.

Photography I did ~ 15 photo books/photo prints last year alone!

What didn’t go so well this year?

Off days I haven't fully utilized my off days! I should start to do some small programming project, and write more articles. I only have written an article to newspaper, and thank god it got accepted. So, things aren't that bad. :D

Workouts I read a lot about workouts, and bought a few books on it. I have watched the VCDs, but yet to start practicing them.

Diet I didn't make breakfast to bring to office everyday. I was supposed to do more healthy and cost saving diet.

Self-control I talked too much, and too bold for talking. There are things that I should keep only to myself, but I blast them out. I should have think thrice before speak.

Writing This is the only resolution I have made for last year, but I didn't do much writing training. Probably I didn't set a SMART goal for this, and I was checking and trying out all sorts of writing, be it using pencil, pen, fountain pen, writing brush and etc.

What am I working toward?

Reading A more organized and with goal reading plan. My goal is to concentrate on 山海經 and 史記.

Writing I want to concentrate on 篆書 using writing brush.

Writing This is a different writing. I want to start to write novel again, and want it at least published on newspaper.

Workouts Start practicing the selected workouts twice a week. :D