On Broadway

I hate this... I don't have Chinese IME on this laptop!

Anyway, finally I got a chance to sit down and relax at night to blog. I don't even update my little notebook since... Sunday? or Monday!

I was sharing Empire State of Mind couple of weeks ago. This round, I am sharing another song of New York City -- On Broadway.

My company located at Broad Street, and actually, the famous bull is just less than 500 meters away from it!

Back to Broadway. We haven't got a chance to watch any Broadway Show, BUT!!! We did some researches, and the shows are quite pricey. Anyway, I wish I can watch 2. So, I am expecting probably to spend around RM1K there... (should be less than RM1K, I am just rounded up.)

Alright, THE SONG! :P

Read from Wiki, these girls are the original singer(s) of the song.

Anyway, I am more familiar with this version, and I found out the 2 versions have different lyrics!

I notice this because the lyrics of the later one doesn't seem fit to be sung by female singer. :P

Enjoy the songs!