Some random thoughts

OK, this is in English.

Bought Samsung something but not from Samsung shop. How come Samsung shop don't sell all of Samsungs?

Bought for Canon something but also not from Canon shop, and only found non-Canon, OEM? and just found out it is not suitable. Can I get my $$ back? I'll know by tomorrow.

Oh, met with the latest baby (I guess) in SCC. Seems like going to have more SCC babies... And personally, I never met all of them!

Alright, going to NY soon. Not sure if I'll start to ask if any friends around there then.

Searching for the decisive JJ in 2003.

My luggages are packed, but still moving around to find the right luggages to bring with.

$$ concerns, I have used up my this month budgets! It's been more than 6 months that I kept my budget! :-s

What shall I get? A Surface RT? A Nexus 7? A iPad mini? A Macbook Air? A.. something tablet? I want something that can do what I normally do across 2 laptops, Photoscaping and music recording... and of course writing, preferably on OneNote. And I want it to be light-weighted, and not smart phone, and probably less than 1K? Alright, less than 1.5 K. So, Macbook Air is totally out.

Will I blog everyday when I am in NY? Please make me do that. But I am reluctant to do it using company laptop. Shall I bring my own laptop too? Oh my, I should have bought Macbook Air.

Alright, the new GarageBand disappointed me. I was looking forward to have more Magic GarageBand, and the latest version removed it totally. Shall I call it lucky, that the old version is still in my MacBook?

I don't dare to sit at my piano recently because I know I'll get some pieces of musics, and I am not able to do any other things until it goes all the way to YouTube!

Oh, speaking of that, I have stop my piano lesson for 8 months! And it continues counting up. :P (Hey, this is nothing to be proud of...)

Did I keep all the receipts for company claim later? Oh no... where did I keep my receipts? I can't recall anything about it!!!

I am too tired. I want my $$ back! OK. Good night. The end of shiok sendiri.

P/S: I used to have OCR to comment on my randomness. Now I don't visit her blog, she is not visiting my blog too. :P

To whoever still visiting this blog. Thank you. Drop me a SMS to say "hi, i am still following your blog."

Aiks! The post never end! I must call Digi to disable voice mail!

Oh! I should call AmBank for the issue happened after they have system upgrade!!

OMG! I am getting more and more on the to-do list!

I wanted to write the 2nd version of "i-love-my-body" list since months ago. And I am not started yet. >_<

If I stop mumbling in this blog post, I should have gotten some pieces of work done. :|

But I think I need to go to sleep now. I feel extremely tired. Scratching my head.

Alright, I really need to stop. Is this the 3rd good nite?