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That red, spicy, springy, meaty, hot and fulfilling Korean ramyeon with luncheon meat!

Pick a favourite food.
Something rich, tasty, and textured.
Describe it using your senses.
Smell, taste, sight, sound, touch.
Be clever.
Experiment with words.
Write like no one will ever read it.

Within this MCO period, I am craving a lot for the red tomyum seafood, and Korean ramyeon. Both are red, spicy, and tasty. Which shall I choose? I should love tomyum seafood more, but let me choose Korean ramyeon.

I love instant noodle, and I think Korean ramyeon is the greatest of all instant noodle!

Watched a YouTube clip by Michelle Choi. There are 2 Michelle Choi YouTuber that I am aware of. One of them is more like a life style vlog YouTuber. I am talking about this Michelle.

Her recent YouTube clip remind me of the Korean ramyeon. And she made me feel more wanting to try Korean luncheon meat! If must taste superb to cook them together. The smell... I don't know... I can't recall. But I feel hungry now, just by trying to recall the smell. It must taste so good, that I could eat…

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