Ice-cream eating competition

You're at a fancy party.
For some reason, you have a really big ice-cream cone.
It's really hot out.
You have no choice but to finish it.
Comedy ensues.

I haven't decided which day in a week to continue this 20 minutes practice. But, I'll figure it out later. This is for this week.

My friend got an invitation to Häagen-Dazs party. We were told that we can eat all we want at the party. As an ice-cream lover, I could not waste this chance. So, I tagged along with him.

As we enjoy the atmosphere and food at the party, we and some other participants were called to go up stage. Later, we only found out that, it's a competition, who ever win the competition, will get a life-time Häagen-Dazs free ice-cream!

Each of us was given a really big ice-cream cone. We were given 10 minutes to fill up the ice-cream that we want. I took a scope for each flavour. When time's up, I managed to get my last flavour of ice-cream. I looked at other participants, and found out they got more ice-cream! They looked at mine, and laughed.

The organizer weighed our ice-cream, and then announced, we need to finish the ice-cream within the minutes per 100g based on the weight, together with the cone. I only got 2.5 minutes to complete. Another disadvantage for me! I guess there's no chance for me to win the contest. I took my time to enjoy the ice-cream.

The remaining was weighed again and I could continue to eat.

There are some contestants able to finish their ice-cream. My friend finished it as well! Bravo!

When the organizer announced the winner, we were surprised. I was the winner! The rule to win was, whoever ate the least ice-cream, win!

I won one-year free Häagen-Dazs! Yes!

As I was on stage to get my privilege card, the company CEO said. "I was thinking to set the rule whoever took the most ice-cream flavour win. I think that was very obvious at the beginning, only you took all flavours. So, I changed the rule, and can't believe that, it'd be you too! You deserved this! So, you'll now eat more ice-cream through out the year!"

Everyone laughed and applaused. :D