Why I revenge!

You jump in a lake.
Or an ocean.
Or a deep river.
You find you can breathe underwater.
What happen next?

I was pushed from the ship. I am sure it was not an accident. It was too quick for me to even scream, then I was already in the water. I was scared and wanted to get up to the surface to breathe.

But for I could react, I felt something on my skin. I realized I could open my eyes and see clearly under the deep blue sea! My skin! It's like, I was breathing through my skin! No! It's not feel like! It's doing the breathing! I don't feel suffocate or dizzy under the water!

I found out could swim faster than the ship. I decided to swam to our destination, Port Swettenham, and waited at the port there.

I tried to recall what happened on the ship. We were playing hide-and-seek. My cousin, Mary, was the only one with me, looking for a spot to hide together. The only one could have pushed me must be her! I don't know why she would want to do that, but she is going to get a payback!

Finally the ship has reached the port. My cousins were shocked when they saw me. My mum rushed to me in tears. "Where have you been! We couldn't find you anywhere!"

"Oh, I was playing hide-and-seek with cousins. I win! They didn't find me!" I gave a revengeful look to my cousin. "Next time, it will be my turn to SEEK for them."

What couldn't kill me makes me stronger. I said to myself.