The old man

Invent a superhero with a wonderful superpower, but also a terrible flaw.
A flaw that humanizes them, or puts them in danger.
Nobody is perfect, right?

There was a man, he could see things from afar. We do not know how far he could see. He also could hear sounds clearly, though it is so soft, or even out of normal human could listen's range.

When his neighbours worry about their kids, who yet to reach home after school, he would help them to take a look if the kids are safe and on the way home. If the kids got retention after school, he would try to listen to the kids and teacher, if everything is alright.

Julia also asked for his help to check out if her husband who works in the city is doing well.

Sam would ask him to see if the postman is on the way to the village with the letter that he longed to received.

Barbara would ask him if her mother-in-law complains the food she cooked.

Everyone likes him for his willingness to help all these tiny little favour. However, there's one thing that they wish he could change. He is now 80 years old, just like other old man, he likes to nag a lot, and tell all the grandmother and grandfather stories over and over again. Only the kids would love to listen to his stories.

Without him, this small village would not be as peaceful as it is now, and as lively as it is now.