My secret

You arrived at a celebration.
A marriage? A baby shower? A birthday party?
You have a secret to reveal.
And not much time to reveal it.
What happens next?

Well, it was my niece baby shower. I was happy for my brother. However, I really need a break. My flight is about 3 hours away. I really need to leave. I haven't got a chance to tell my family.

I kept looking at my watch. The baby shower would start only another 30 minutes. My taxi would be here anytime.

"Hey, go help your sister to..." Before my mum could finished her words, my taxi reached. The taxi driver called.

I quickly picked up the phone and answered "Coming now..."

“What's going on?"

"Mum, I'll tell you when you reach airport, I gotta go now."

I ran to my sister in law and wished her, kissed the baby, took my luggage out from my room and bid farewell to everyone.

I still couldn't speak out that I just broke up with my boyfriend. I am so heart-broken that I need a getaway to hide myself and be with myself.