My first car

You find a vehicle under a tarp in a field.
What kind of vehicle?
A stolen car, a time machine, or perhaps a bike that flies.
You take it for a spin.
What happens next?

That was my first car, Nissan Sunny 130Y. It was declared a total lost in 2005. I have not seen it for 15 years. I can't believe it's still... alive! There's no dent at all, my Little Dark Grey.

I walked near it, and opened the driver seat door. I hesitated a bit, but I sit in. I tried to turn the sterling a bit, it is as hard as before. Yes, it doesn't have the power sterling back then.

I tried to mimic the manual change gear action, get it positioned into first gear. I trained by this car on manual transmission for at least 7 or 8 years. I am still a proud manual transmission car driver.

Oh! Look at the cassette player! And... I just unable to imagine further. My last car with cassette player left me about 5 years ago. I am not sure if the cassette player that I imagine now, is part of the Nissan Sunny, or probably my dad's older car. My last car replaced this Little Dark Grey after I lost it. I remembered I imposed 2 main criteria before I got Kembara, it must have cassette player, and the windows must be manual winding type. Oh! It was 3 actually, it must be manual transmission.

Little Pinky, which I am having now, it's just fulfilled the manual transmission criteria. For I could not find any new car model with manual winding windows and cassette player.

Suddenly, Little Dark Grey was knocked by a trailer. I didn't see it's coming. The whole world was spinning. What happened?

It felt like the day, when I met with accident, in Little Dark Grey. I am not sure if I passed out, but I found myself sitting at the bench near the field. There's no Little Dark Grey in the middle of the field. I probably just suddenly think of it, and felt it was here again.