Love comedy

Someone hands you a note and asks you to delivery it.
It's important, they said.
You have an hour.
Everything that could go wrong does.
This is a comedy.

I was enjoying my clam chowder in a restaurant. While I was sipping my third spoon of the soup, a handsome guy pulled out the chair and sit next to me.

"I need your help." He spoke softly. "Can you help me to pass this note to the lady over there? The one wearing white blouse and blue skirt sit near the windows."

"Huh?" I was disturbed. "What is this note?"

"Love letter." He whispered.

"What? Love letter?!" I exclaimed anxiously.


"OK, but why for her?" I asked. "She is not pretty."

"She is my apple." He gently said this with smile in his eyes.

"Fine! You are going to pay for my bill!"

"Deal! Please be fast, she will be leaving in an hour. I want to know her response to it."


I stood up and walked towards her. Then I heard sipping sound behind. I turned back and saw him starting to drink my soup!

"Hey! Why you eat my soup!"

"Because I am going to pay for it..."

"But, you are going to pay for me because I am helping you to deliver love message!"

"Well... you didn't say I cannot eat your soup..." He muttered. "Please.. please go and delivery the note. I beg you."

I was still angry about it. "A handsome guy, came to me, eat my soup, and I gotta delivery his love message to someone else!" I murmured.

"Please... I... I'll buy you another soup!"

"Alright!" I called for waitress, and ask for another soup. "Please bill all expenses to this gentleman." I reminded the waitress.

As I went over to the lady, another waitress bumped into me with two glasses of wine in his hand. My white dress was stained.

"Oh gosh! What a day!" I quickly ran to the washroom, and tried to clean my dress.

I heard a knock at the door. "What?!"

It's the handsome guy again.

"What?! What do you want?!"

"Please.... go and delivery my note first. She is leaving soon."

"But my dress!"

"I'll pay for that."

I sighed and go out from the washroom, and walked towards the lady again.

"Hey, there's someone who ask me to send..." Where is the note?

"Yes? Send what?"

"Have you seen the note?"

"What note?"

"There was a note in pink paper... where is it?"

"Pink paper?"

"Yes!" I tried to recall what happened. "Oh! It must be at the washroom, let me go and get it. Please wait!"

I rushed to the washroom, but see no paper there. "Would it be dropped when the waitress bumped to me?"

I rushed back to the dining hall, but I can't find it.

That handsome guy walked towards me with a sad face.

"I'm sorry, I dropped the note. I am not sure where I dropped it..."

"It's ok. I don't need her response already." He sadly looking at her.

That lady was holding close by another man.

"Here's the note." He handed the paper to me. "I don't need that anymore..."

"I am sorry... but, can it be written for me?" I asked in joy.

He looked at me, and suddenly I saw a spark in his eyes. "Yes! Why not?!"

Then we kissed. :D